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The island of Evia is one of the most beautiful and picturesque in all of Greece. Comprising of dominating mountains, and stunning coastal regions, Evia is truly a blessed place, and one that is ideal for travelling any time of the year.

The capital town of Evia is that of Chalkida, a very nice and impressive town, that is one of the most popular parts of Central Evia. With access by road over the bridge of Chalkida, a large number of visitors to the island will pass through the town.

The region of Central Evia is one of many beautiful towns and villages, as well as some stunning coastal regions, where you can enjoy the refreshing blue waters of the sea.

 At the south of Chalkida in the ancient years was the Lelantion pedion (area) where the river Lelas ran through, and therefore this area was very fertile and prosperous. That was the reason that the two big cities Chalkida and Eretria, were on a 100 year war, fighting over who will have this area under its ruling, to gain from its goods. At a 10 km distance from Chalkida is the village og Vasiliko, which is the homeland of Captain Andreas Miaoulis, a the great hero during the revolution of 1821.

Eretria is another of the more famous towns of Evia, and it is located a short distance away from Chalkida. The picturesque village of Vassiliko, where Katerina Bungalows is situated, is located between the towns of Chalkida and Eretria.

Around this region of Central Evia are some very nice places for visitors to see, as well as a nice range of interesting churches and monasteries, archaeological sites, and of course, some exceptional beaches. This part of Evia also makes an ideal base from which visitors can venture out and explore some of the other parts of this magical island.

The rich forests and dense vegatation create an amazingly colourful setting during the spring and summer, where the variety of colours and aromas blend together perfectly, creating a wonderful setting where you can enjoy your rewarding and well deserved holiday on the island.

Whatever type of holiday you are looking for, you can be confident that the island of Evia will be an ideal destination for you. Whether you want to simply unwind and relax on a beautiful beach, or enjoy a range of activities and excursions, there is something for all types of traveller.

The easy access to the island also makes Evia a wonderful place to visit, any time of the year. The autumn and winter seasons are just as beautiful as the spring and summer.

Evia really is a holiday destination for all seasons, and a place that you cannot help but to admire and appreciate.


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